Born and raised in Australia, Brian Smith always had a love for surfing, but at the young age of 12, hand mixing concrete for the brick layers of his father's contracting company certainly stole the hours he could have been surfing. Little did he know his knowledge and experience would come full circle to shape his life.

In 1977, when Brian graduated as a Chartered Accountant in Australia he decided to leave behind a life of accounting and head to California to find the "next great product". Armed with his surfboard and his sheepskin boots he set off. In his spare time surfing he realized the popular Australian sheepskin boots that almost everyone back home owned, were not available in California. He decided to return home, gather as many boots as he could carry and return to California as a sheepskin boot salesman.

With these boots in such demand back home and the hope of this same popularity in the States, in 1979 he registered the brand name "UGG" ( While attending the UCLA Graduate School of Management, Brian slowly began his marketing and distribution of "UGG". His humble beginnings in the surf shops of California would soon expand into other sports and eventually mainstream fashion.

In 1995, he sold the company to Deckers ( Outdoor Corporation and once again took his expertise out into the world. In 2000, after years of R&D, his "next great product" was registered as Ecolite Concrete. Ecolite and its wall system are currently revolutionizing the building industry one wall at a time. Brian Smith is Ecolite's Founder and currently serves as Chairman of the Board and directs Ecolite's Licensing Sales.