Ecolite panels are available with a variety of finishes through form liners, veneers, thin set products, and paints.

Brick form liners or thin sets are available in a variety of patterns such as running bond, half bond, Flemish bond, basket weave, quarter bond, stacked bond, row lock coursing, and soldier coursing.

Ecolite can be embedded with tile of any color for murals, artwork, or a colorful display.

Walls can be any color, through use of paint, stain or color. When painted it is typically done so with an elastomeric paint which is resistant to effects of sun, rain, heat, cold, and wind.

All veneers, form liners, and thin sets are applies in the factory and delivered to the site finished and ready to erect.

Form liners provide a distinct pattern or design which molds the concrete during the curing stage to the shape or pattern desired.

Form liners are available in almost any design imaginable from typical stucco to detailed wood grain or imprint of animals or people.

Thin brick is a fired clay tile which is embedded into the concrete during the pouring stage. The end result of finished brick can be any typical brick color and pattern.