The Ecolite Exclusive Master License (EML) enables the Licensee to control the entire Ecolite product business cycle. Ecolite has developed a comprehensive program which takes a prospective licensee through all of the phases needed to deploy an Ecolite business.

License Value Proposition

  • Exclusive Territory – Sell into a territory with a competitive advantage
  • EcoCAD Modeling – Fully engineer and/or panelize a project and seamlessly communicate with the fabrication process
  • Pricing Control – Licensee sets pricing and production schedules
  • Marketing & Sales Support – Ecolite provides sales leads through national marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Design Support – Ecolite provides a support team with experts in Concrete, Steel, and Information Technology
  • Plant Establishment – Ecolite can turn–key your new plant

License Benefits

  • The ability for a Licensee to establish an Ecolite manufacturing facility and to market the Ecolite product into Exclusive and non–exclusive territories
  • Control of capacity, production, and product pricing in their territory
  • The ability to sub–license and establish sales and distribution relationships within the territory
  • Guaranteed access and pricing to proprietary Ecolite mix designs and materials
  • The ability to market newly developed Ecolite products and to benefit from Ecolite's continued product research and development

Establishment Process

Rolling out a new Licensee involves the following phases:

  • Infrastructure Evaluation – A team of Ecolite experts will evaluate existing infrastructure and recommend the required equipment needed to bring a facility up to speed
  • Business Process Evaluation – Ecolite will help the prospective Licensee understand the complexities of designing with Ecolite and transfer the appropriate knowledge to aid in the early marketing of Ecolite projects
  • Plant Establishment – Ecolite will develop a comprehensive deployment plan and furnish a deployment team to bring the new plant to commissioning
  • Plant Management – Ecolite will furnish key managers in needed roles to help fine tune the commissioning process and bring the new plant into a full production environment
  • Intellectual Property Transfer – Ecolite will continually develop and enhance its product offering and provide substantial knowledge transfer to the Licensee

The Ecolite Plant

The Ecolite Plant typically consists of the following core components:

  • Steel Roll Formers
  • Batch Plant
  • Pouring Beds
  • EcoCAD Modeling Software
  • Everest ERP Software
  • Ecolite's Trade Secret Mix

Licensing Video

For Licensing inquiries, please contact Ecolite Concrete USA at 760.621.3445.