The Ecolite Wall Panel System has undergone comprehensive testing. Each test may be downloaded below:

Test Report - Brick Venner Pull Test & ASTM 666
Architectural thin brick tensile bond strength and ASTM C 666 Resistance of concrete to rapid freezing and thawing

Test Report -- Fire
One Hour Fire Test of full-scale load bearing Ecolite wall assembly

Test Report -- Acoustic
Test of Ecolite wall assembly as a sound barrier

Racking Shear
Hysteresis plot of Ecolite shear wall

Test Report -- Wind/Impact
Wind load and missile impact test of Ecolite wall panel for Florida (hurricane) requirements

Test Report -- Weather Barrier
Test of Ecolite wall as an exterior weather barrier

Test reports are added, updated or replaced as modifications to the Ecolite product are made or additional testing performed.  Please consult Ecolite to insure that all technical information is current.